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New, High Voltage Power Supply stocking program for Europe

SUTTER CREEK, CA – October 7, 2008 – EMCO High Voltage Corp. partners with Condatas AG, launching a new stocking inventory program to provide the European community with shorter lead times and reduced cost of ownership.

Condatas AG, based in Switzerland, will stock an assortment of EMCO’s popular off-the-shelf power supplies, providing rapid and efficient delivery to customers. This is especially beneficial to designers developing new products, as various models can be in their hands in as little as 24 hours.

Condatas has also been specially trained to assist customers with their high voltage design needs. Engineers are fluent in English, German, French and Italian and provide comprehensive, on-site technical support. Condatas will also support OEM’s by carrying inventory on-hand, ahead of production schedules, allowing for flexible Just-In-Time deliveries.

About EMCO High Voltage Corporation

EMCO's industry leading high voltage designs have garnered several product awards including: “Key Partner Award” from the University Wisconsin for Project ICECUBE; “Most Innovative New Product of the Year” in the field of electrical engineering from the University of California, Davis;” Product of the Year” from Electronic Products Magazine; “Product Technology Award” from ECN Magazine; ”Runner-Up Product of the Year” from Electronic Engineering Product News; six “Editors Choice” awards from Electronic Products Magazine, and the Governor of California’s “Older Worker Recognition, Employer Excellence Award.”

Tel. 1-800-546-3680
E-Mail: sales@emcohighvoltage.com
Web: www.emcohighvoltage.com

About Condatas AG

Condatas AG is a leading Swiss company specializing in the distribution of electronic components. With a wide range of power supplies in stock for engineering needs and a flexible team of engineers to provide product support, Condatas is ready to meet your high voltage needs with off-the-shelf delivery and production support. The sales team at Condatas provides a fast and friendly personalized service with competitive pricing. Call or e-mail today for your power supply needs.

Tel. (+ 41) 44 730 33 53
E-Mail: info@condatas.com
Web: www.candatas.com

Condatas hat folgende neue Vertretungen erhalten:

EMCO Corp. DC/DC Wandler für ganze Europa
Fox Electronic Corp. Quarze, Oszillatoren TCXO, VCTCXO
Micro Power Direct uPd, DC/DC-AC/DC Wandler
Kenet-Intersil Corp. High Speed  125-500MSPS A/D Wandler
Harding Energy Inc. Batterie, Akku

APEX - Neue Produkte

APEX Microtechnology ist ein führender Hersteller von High Power/High Voltage-Amplifiers von 2W bis 2000W/PWM und Motor Control Bauteile usw.

APEX stellt zwei neue Leistungsoperationsversärker vor.

Die PA60 und PA62 Leistungsoperationsverstärker sind ein weiteres Beispiel von Leistungs- operationsverstärker in kleinem Gehäuse. Beide Teile basieren auf ein single-chip dual Leistungsoperationsverstärker, der bis zu 1A liefert und von 5V bis 40V arbeiten kann. Der PA60 ist ein dual op amp, während der PA62 ein quad ist, beide in einem Leistungsoberflächengehäuse (SMD) eingebracht.

Die eingebaute thermal shutdown bietet einen Selbstschutz gegen Überhitzung. Das macht den Operationsversärker sehr geeignet für allgemeine Applikationen oder in eine Brückenschaltung zu verwenden. Dank sehr geringem THD von 0.02% und ein Iq von weniger als 10mA ist der PA60 und PA62 eine gute Lösung für low power Audioapplikationen, wie Laptop und Computer-Lautsprecher. Die breite CMR vereinfacht für single supply Applikationen.

High Voltage (HVPS) Condatas AG | Rietbachstrasse 7 | 8952 Schlieren | Switzerland | Tel: +41 (0)44 730 33 53 | Fax: +41 (0)44 730 33 63 | info@condatas.com